Who? (Meet the Pastor)


Doug Nelms, Senior Pastor

- Christ follower

- husband to Newana

- dad to Copper, Magen, Jason, Terri, Haley, Phillip, & Carley

- PaPaw to Eli, Gracie, Jack, George, Claire, Daniel, & Nash

- Pastor, friend, & counselor

- Fishing guide extraordinaire


When & Where?

Sunday Services - 11am


Where: In the main sanctuary

What to expect: Family fellowship, dynamic worship, relevant message

*Children's Programs take place during the 11am Services

Christian Education - Sundays @ 9:30am


Where: In the fellowship hall (the building across the street from the LED sign)

What to expect: Focus on Jesus, Biblical truths related to current events, lots of questions, open discussions

Prayer Services - Monday Evenings @ 7pm


Where: In the main sanctuary

What to expect: List of prayer requests, time for personal prayer, time for corporate prayer


Jesus makes lives better!

Whether your life is really very good or really not very good, we believe that Jesus makes lives better. 

During church services...

We learn about how Jesus can make our lives better and celebrate the changes He has made in our lives.

During the week...

We do our best to live in a way that is pleasing to Christ and is a day to day example to all those around us of how Jesus has made our lives better.